Rovinj is a town of about 15 thousand inhabitants located on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula . His ideal position which means 1 hour drive from Trieste , 3 hours from the capital Zagreb , 500 km from Vienna and half-day ride from Munich and the same distance from the capital of Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic provides for the right to feel truly at the center of all tourist routes.

A favorable climate throughout the year provides its visitors right atmosphere for relaxation . Numerous cultural and sports events especially in the summer months ( Gallery outdoors Grisia , numerous concerts in churches , regatta, Red Bull Air Race ) almost daily supplement the facilities guests of different affinities . Walking through the National Park " Golden Cape " visitors of this city can enjoy the natural beauty of different beaches to clean sea and Drug pine forests . Recreation centers scattered around the edges of the city to enjoy in silence allow guests maximum relaxation.

A simple walk in the evening through the narrow , quiet , cobbled alleys of the old town under the ancient balcony creates an atmosphere of romance so required the guests who came from the big city . In addition to natural and cultural beauty gastronomic offer simple Istrian cuisine offers plenty of seafood delights, olive oil, wine, ham, cheese, asparagus and pasta with various sauces .